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Welcome at the web presentation of the results of research project “Development of information and data support for design of adaptation measures and longterm planning of water resources considering the climate change effects”, which was investigated by the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p. r. i., Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and Water Management Development and Construction Inc., which was co-financed by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in year 2012-2014. The aim of the project was the development of guidance for correct assessment of climate change impacts on water resources, especially in the context of water management and planning. The project outputs include data required to follow the guidance. Specifically, these are the bias-corrected simulations of regional climate models and estimated changes in hydrometeorological variables in the climate model grid and for a set of catchments covering the Czech Republic.

Year Title
2013 Daňhelka, J., Hanel, M., Kulasová, B., Pretel, J., Tolasz, R. (2013) Current possibilities of assessment of potential climate change impacts in water resources sector. Vodní hospodářství 3/2013. Journal article (in Czech)
2013 Hanel, M., Mrkvičková, M., Máca, P., Vizina, A., Pech, P. (2013) Evaluation of basic statistical downscaling methods for monthly regional climate model simulations with respect to the estimated future changes in runoff in the Czech Republic. Water Resources Management Journal article
2013 Hanel, M., Kašpárek, L., Mrkvičková, M. (2013) Hydrological climate change impacts and possible adaptation measures (in Czech and German). Edice BfG-Schriftenreihe Veranstaltungen. Conference paper
2013 Hanel, M., Kašpárek, L., Peláková, M., Beran, A., Vizina, A. (2013) Evaluation of changes in deficit volumes: support for protection of localities suitable for construction of reservoirs. Considering Hydrological Change in Reservoir Planning and Management, IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Assembly Conference paper
2014 Hanel, M., Vizina, A., Martínková, M., Horáček, S., Porubská D., Fendek, M., Fendeková, M. (2014) Changes of drought characteristics in small Czech and Slovakian catchments projected by the CMIP5 GCM ensemble. Hydrology in a Changing World: Environmental and Human Dimensions. Conference paper
2014 Hanel, M., Hánová, K., Daňhelka, J., Mrkvičková, M., Tomek, M., Tolasz, R., Ledvinka, O. (2014) Assessment of climate change impacts within water management and planning. Guidance (in Czech)
2014 Hanel, M., Horáček, S., Ledvinka, O., Tomek, M., Tolasz, R., Stříž, M., Daňhelka, J., Hánová, K. (2014) Climate change impacts in the Czech Republic. Map
2014 Hanel, M., Horáček, S., Daňhelka, J., Tomek, M., Hánová, K., Vizina, A. Ledvinka, O., Treml, P., Melišová, E. (2014) Update of estimated climate change impacts in the catchments of the Czech Republic. VTEI 56(3). Journal article (in Czech)
2014 Horáček, S., Hanel, M. (2014) Web application for data visualization and retrieval. Software

T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p.r.i.

T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p.r.i.

Martin Hanel, Stanislav Horáček, Adam Vizina et al.

Water Management Development and Construction Inc.

Water Management Development and Construction Inc.

Kateřina Hánová, Martin Tomek et al.

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Jan Daňhelka, Ondřej Ledvinka, Radim Tolasz et al.


Guidance summarizes the basic principles of climate change scenarios development and impact assessment, in the context of water management and planning especially following the Water Framework Directive. The guidance aims at aiding correct climate change assessment.

Guidance not available in English


Climate change impact assessment on water balance of 130 basins covering the Czech Republic was carried out within the project. This part of web presentation includes maps, figures and data, which can be downloaded for individual catchments or climate model grid box. Detailed description of used methods and uncertainty assessment is included.

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